Be. Hybrid Electric Toothbrush

Put a spin on your brushing with the Be. Battery-Free Electronic Toothbrush. Eco-friendly and kind to your wallet, this toothbrush gets its power from you. Quite simply, the Be. Toothbrush uses kinetic energy to power the toothbrush. At the base is a sleek and ergonomic knob. All you have to do is twist.

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Much like a wind-up toy, the Be. Toothbrush requires two full twists to give you 80,000 brush strokes. In addition, the head uses a pressure sensor to give you the optimal clean while still being gentle. The Be. Toothbrush doesn’t just save on energy. It’s also totally sustainable and made from 100% recyclable materials. Even the brushes are biodegradable. Speaking of, the Binchotan bristles are the perfect density for scrubbing your teeth until they’re pearly white.

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