DARTER - A Micro Pen with a hidden secret

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Introducing DARTER, a micro pen with a secret hidden sewing kit. DARTER is beautifully machined from aluminium and brass in our East London workshop.

The DARTER pen doesn’t need to carry metres of thread – just enough for emergency wardrobe malfunctions. Our kit carries the right amount needed for ‘on the go’ repairs.

It was important that our pen was refillable with a quality refill. Many pens on the market are either sealed and not refillable, or else use cheap refills that dry out quickly. A non-refillable pen is very wasteful. We wanted a pen which could both write well, and which would last a lifetime.

Every part is machined from a solid rod of aluminium and brass. There are no plastic parts.

You can get it on Kickstarter

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